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New gear in this fall!

We are proud to announce the addtion of several great lines of product this fall.

On the 12-Volt side of things, JL audio brings an excelent line of subwoofers, amplifiers, and related components.

New home lines include the ProJect line of turntables, NAD Electronics, and PSB loudspeakers.

Please come in and check these exciting products out.

The best ipod dock you can buy? B&W does it again.

The Zeppelin Ipod docks, truly outperform the others in this category. Don't let their great design fool you. This is more than a pretty box.

These rival anything we have heard. Stop by and take a listen, we think you will agree.

2nd annual monkey run

While the date is yet to be set, look for this sometime in August. This year promises to be even better than the first.

An enjoyable route, great scenery, and good friends, not to mention T-shirts and other goodies for all participants.

We hope to see you there. More details soon.

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Transparent Audio - Hear the difference

We get asked all the time. "Does wire make a difference?" YES IT DOES!.

Transparent Audio is the leading manufacture of high performance audio/video cables and we are proud to represent them.

Performance cable is about more that being bigger. The gauge, the type of copper, shielding, and so much more...

Let us give you a demo, and even arrange for you to try some on your own system. Cable is the most ignored and yet one of the most important components in your system. Don't underestimate what it will do for your system.